About us

At the CIB, we focus on understanding on how information encoded in the genetic material orchestrates the development of complex organization and function of living systems. In a stimulating environment where collaboration is encouraged, we use diverse experimental approaches: from animal behavior to omics field (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics), based on different model systems. With our state-of-the-art facilities, this combinatorial multi-level and multi-model strategy allows to tackle problems associated with the emergent properties of biological systems in health and disease.


Our mission is to create novel knowledge about biological processes and to decipher the basis of a number of human disorders through a multidisciplinary approach. To reach this goal, we seek to nurture a new generation of highly competent scientists shaped under the highest research standards, in an environment that is permissive for scientific creativity and novel ideas. Here, research groups with a highly diverse range of expertise coexist in a space with no physical barriers, to comprehend the living systems from their molecular determinants to global biology through a culture of scientific collaboration. This paradigm is expected to produce scientific research with global impact.


Currently, the CIB comprises sixteen scientific groups working in specific biological problems. Research topics include morphogenesis and differentiation during embryonic development, mechanisms of neuronal function in physiological and pathological conditions, study of neurodegenerative diseases -including axonal degeneration and regeneration- and Geroscience research. In addition, our center also houses groups with expertise in convergent analysis, combining omics data with a diverse set of bioinformatics tools.


The CIB is located on the Faculty of Sciences at the Huechuraba Campus of Universidad Mayor, in Santiago. To get access, we have a free bus service to and from the campus to connect with Santiago downtown (link). Visitor parking is also available in the main deck of the University. Center for Integrative Biology Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Mayor Camino La Pirámide 5750, Huechuraba, Chile